NOMIPON!! in winter

What is NOMIPON!! ?

The Event which you can Bar hop call 「HASHIGO SAKEat object store in Tanukikoji neighborhood.

You can enjoy store’s specialty of 「Liquor and appetizeror」or a special foodby one piece of NOMIPON!! Ticket as you purchased.


The recommended Point of NOMIPON!!

1.You will be found your favorite store

You can feel free to enter the store which you always been curious about by using one piece of NOMIPON!! Ticket.


2.You will be enjoy two stores’ special by low price

Please enjoy different liquor, food and atmosphere in each store.


3.Enjoy a non-daily atmosphere (environment). Get closer to each other.

You may enjoy conversation like "Which bar shall we go next?" Your relationship could be deeper with nice conversation with non-daily outing.


Detail of the Event

Period:From 8 December, 2017 to 25 February, 2018

Place:Tanukikoji neiborfood

Attendant stores and Provided Menu: Click here

NOMIPON!! Ticket Sales Place

Name of Place: Hokkaido Tourist Information Center Sapporo Tanukikoji

Address: 〒060-0063 (Tanukikoji Shotengai 5 chome)

           27, Minami-3jo, Nishi-5chome, Chuo ku, Sapporo shi, Hokkaido

Business hours: 14:00 – 21:30 (Open all-year-round)

Official HP: http://www.tourist-information-center.jp/hokkaido/sapporo/en/


Price of the Ticket: 2000yen for 2 pieces


Ticket sale to minors is strictly prohibited.

For the price, please be sure to pay "cash" at the sales place.

 (We will not accept credit card or vouchers)


About i-vacs Inc.

i-vacs Inc. is Student venture where is operated by Seminar of Kondo in Otaru University of Commerce.

Students of Seminar of Kondo are operating i-vacs Inc. as President, Officers and Employees.

Every activity sees it as management / marketing practice, mainly working towards revitalizing the neighborhood of the Tanukikoji shopping street



Official HP:http://www.i-vacs.com/

Official FB:https://www.facebook.com/NOMIPON/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/nomipon_tanuki






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