This food tourism route lets you to get your fill of the foods that flourish in the local land. Sorachi Area: 4-Night/5-Day Route


New Chitose Airport



Best Season

Spring Summer

Have a relaxing time in the beautiful nature that sprawls beneath the heavens. The Sorachi area that extends from south to north is attractive for its easy access to Sapporo. This route features a variety of culinary attractions from wineries to farm restaurants, and is a great way to enjoy food tourism to your heart's content.

Day 1
The city and town names Tour schedule
Chitose City

Departing from New Chitose Airport

(Approx. 56.1 km, Approx. 1 hr 15 mins)
Iwamizawa City

The Housui Winery

(Approx. 11.1 km, Approx. 20 mins)

North Farm Stock

*This shop carefully selects only the highest quality items made in Hokkaido

(Approx. 2.8 km, Approx. 5 mins)

The Iwamizawa Rose Garden

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Day 2
The city and town names Tour schedule
Iwamizawa City

Departing from the hotel

Tsukigata Town

Tsukigata Kabato Museum

(Approx. 23.2 km, Approx. 35 mins)
Urausu Town

The Tsurunuma Winery

(Approx. 16.9 km, Approx. 30 mins)
Takikawa City

LunchMatsuo Genghis Khan Main Restaurant

*The restaurant that developed the Genghis Khan dish

(Approx. 1.7 km, Approx. 10 mins)

Glider Experience

(Approx. 5.7 km, Approx. 15 mins)
Sunagawa City

Somes Saddle

(Approx. 4.4 km, Approx. 10 mins)

SHIRO Sunagawa Main Café

(Approx. 3.7 km, Approx. 10 mins)

Enjoy a break along the Sunagawa Sweet Road

*The apple pies of the Kitakaro Main Store and Nakaya are famous!

(Approx. 19.4 km, Approx. 30 mins)

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Bibai City

Dinner「Yakitori Tatsumi」

*The Bibai specialities, yakitori and offal soba noodles

Tsukigata Kabato Museum

This museum exhibits the first national prison constructed in Hokkaido, “the Kabato National Prison.” Please come view the light and dark sides of the history of this large achievement towards the development of Hokkaido.

Enjoy a break along the Sunagawa Sweet Road

Centered along National Highway 12, this area is home to a variety of well-established and new confectionaries and cafes. The area is garnering the attention of sweets lovers.

Day 3
The city and town names Tour schedule
Bibai City

Departing from the hotel

Cycling experience

(Approx. 800 m, Approx. 5 mins)

Furusato no Mieru Oka Observatory

/ Toumei Station/ The Yasuda Kan Sculpture Art MuseumArtte Piazza Bibai

(Approx. 5.6 km, Approx. 15 mins)

The Nishikawa Farm (a farm raising Aspara Sheep and North Sea Homebred Chickens)

(Approx. 2.5 km, Approx. 5 mins)

LunchThe Sugiura Bakery

*This is a bakery that uses ingredients grown in Hokkaido or Bibai

(Approx. 17.5 km, Approx. 25 mins)


(Approx. 14.1 km, Approx. 30 mins)
Mikasa City

Yamazai Winery

(Approx. 12.1 km, Approx. 30 mins)

Mikasa City Museum

(Approx. 22.8 km, Approx. 30 mins)
Iwamizawa City

DinnerDaichi no Terrace  * Farm Restaurant

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The Yasuda Kan Sculpture Art MuseumArtte Piazza Bibai

This is a permanent exhibit of the works of the sculptor Yasuda Kan, who was born in Bibai City. This is a sculpture art museum where you can enjoy both nature and art.

Daichi no Terrace

Michishita Industries Inc. of Komezukuri Farm directly manages this restaurant.Here you can enjoy a buffet and hand made confections made from locally produced agricultural products, as well as the Brazilian barbecue called “Churrasco.” Soft drinks are all you can drink.

Day 4
The city and town names Tour schedule
Iwamizawa City

Departing from the hotel

Ichikawa Smoked Foods Main Shop  *They smoke Hokkaido ingredients

(Approx. 16.7 km, Approx. 25 mins)
Kuriyama Town

Kobayashi Sake Brewery

(Approx. 25.8 km, Approx. 40 mins)
Yuni Town

Yuni Garden

(Approx. 9.7 km, Approx. 15 mins)

Hosoda Farm Ushigoya Ice Cream

(Approx. 19.0 km, Approx. 30 mins)
Naganuma Town

LunchHarvest  *Farm Restaurant

(Approx. 11.4 km, Approx. 20 mins)

Heidi Farm

(Approx. 3.1 km, Approx. 10 mins)

Maoi Winery

Kitahiroshima City

LodgingsMake reservations here

Yuni Garden

This is an English garden where you can enjoy a landscape of flowers that change from season to season. Their buffet, which uses locally grown produce, is extremely popular.

Heidi Farm

Sheep and goats graze freely around the farm and can be fed. A variety of plans that allow you to milk cows for free (held every day at 11:00 and 15:00) or make butter. They also offer the chance to feed lambs or baby goats (held for free every day at 10:00 and 14:00).

Day 5
The city and town names Tour schedule
Kitahiroshima City

Departing from the hotel

(Sapporo City Approx. 30.7 km, Approx. 45 mins)

(New Chitose Airport Approx. 37.9 km, Approx. 50 mins)

Toward Sapporo or Chitose

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