Learn the secrets of Hokkaido on this soothing nature route. Hidaka Area: 3-Night/4-Day Route


New Chitose Airport



Best Season

Spring Summer

The Hidaka area is known for horse ranching and its vast pasture lands. It is also home to many famous locations such as cherry blossom viewing hot spot Nijukken Road and World Geopark recognized "Apoi Mountain Geopark". Lose yourself in the healing serenity of nature.

Day 1
The city and town names Tour schedule
Chitose City

Departing from New Chitose Airport

(Approx. 38.0 km, Approx. 40 mins)
Mukawa Town

LunchThe Famous Smelt Sushi

(Approx. 20.8 km, Approx. 30 mins)
Biratori Town

Yoshitsune Shrine

(Approx. 7.2 km, Approx. 10 mins)

Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

*Create your own carved wooden coaster workshop

LodgingsBiratori Onsen Yukara *Website in Japanese only.

*Dinner consists of Biratori Beef

Make reservations here

The Famous Smelt Sushi

This smelt can only be caught along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido. This sushi can only be enjoyed when this smelt is in season, a period sometime from October to November.

Yoshitsune Shrine

This historic shrine was built in 1799 to enshrine Minamoto Yoshitsune. A festival is held every year in August at the Yoshitsune Shrine.

Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

A number of precious garments, hunting tools, and ritualistic tools that convey the culture of the Ainu people are exhibited here. A variety of hands-on learning workshops are also available (reservation necessary).

Day 2
The city and town names Tour schedule
Biratori Town

Departing from the hotel

Niikappu Town

Try horseback riding at the Horoshiri Horseback Riding Club

(Approx. 2.5 km, Approx. 10 mins)

Thoroughbred Ginza

(Approx. 5.6 km, Approx. 15 mins)

Enjoy the famous green pepper softserve ice cream at the roadside station Niikappu Le Coodo no Yu

(Approx. 5.4 km, Approx. 10 mins)
Shinhidaka Town

Lunch schedule「Oryori Amaya」

*Tomato Shabu Shabu of Ezo venison and Hidaka's famous sprouted garlic is served with Hidaka tunnel wine.

(Approx. 43.5 km, Approx. 55 mins)
Urakawa Town

Try the “Create Your Own Fisherman’s Banner Workshop” at the Hirata Dyeing Factory

Fish Cleaning and Filleting Experience


Make reservations here

Thoroughbred Ginza

This is a farm road that is about 8km long. There is a viewing platform that gives an unbroken view of the farm from the parking park. This is the perfect spot for photographs.

Day 3
The city and town names Tour schedule
Urakawa Town

Observe the JRA Hidaka Training Farm

*This is a premium farm that can only be accessed by AERU guests

(Approx. 2.2 km, Approx. 5 mins)

Departing from the hotel

(Approx. 5.9 km, Approx. 15 mins)

Birdwatching (From the end of November to the beginning of March)

*white-tailed eagles and Steller's sea eagles

(Approx. 15.8 km, Approx. 27 mins)
Samani Town

Apoi Mountain Geopark

(Approx. 63.0 km, Approx. 1 hr 25 mins)
Erimo Town

Lunch schedule「Takahashi Farm」

*Erino shorthorn beef steak

(Approx. 98.5 km, Approx. 2 hr 5 mins)

Cape Erimo, Kaze no Yakata

(Approx. 8.6 km, Approx. 15 mins)

Hyakunin Beach

*Search for butterfly shellfish

Lodgings(Erimo Town)

Make reservations here

Apoi Mountain Geopark

This is a nature park that consists of 5 areas including the Apoi Mountain. Please experience the history of this nature through mountain climbing or walking along its footpaths.

Cape Erimo

This is a reef that extends approximately 2kms from the tip of the cape. This is one of the most prominent areas of strong wind in Japan and the largest habitat of harbor seals in Japan.

Kaze no Yakata

This is a wind themed museum. You can experience 25m/s wind speeds and view the cape and harbor seals from the observation room.

Day 4
The city and town names Tour schedule
Erimo Town

Departing from the hotel

(Approx. 168 km, Approx. 3 hr 10 mins)

Chitose City

New Chitose Airport and other locations

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