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Tancho/Japanese Red-Crowned Crane

Tancho Watching in Akan Town and Tsurui Village at the west side of the Kushiro Marsh

Akan Town and Tsurui Village located on the western side of the Kushiro Marsh have the greatest observation spots for Tancho cranes. It is possible to see these beautiful cranes spreading their huge wings and dancing gracefully. The best time to view these wild cranes is from November through to March and the locals can guide you to the best spots for up-close observation. During winter it becomes hard for them to find food so a good place to view the birds is in their protected habitat. The ‘Tsurui Ito Tancho Sanctuary’ (Aza Nakasetsuri, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun/phone: 0154-64-2620) was established in Tsurui Village to protect Tancho and their habitat. 250 of Tancho flock there from December to January and you can observe them with binoculars. Tsurumidai at Tsurui Village (Setsuri Genya, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun) and Otowabashi (Aza Setsuri Genya, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun) also allows you to quietly observe Tancho without disturbing them using binoculars, yet another place to catch a glimpse of these spectacular birds, a sight you will cherish forever.

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