Whoever plays most diligently wins! Trying out the "Mama-Chari" Endurance Race.

"Japan 'Mama-Chari' Endurance Race," held on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of July every year at the Tokachi Speedway in Sarabetsu, is the forerunner of "Mama-Chari" races held at numerous circuits throughout Japan.

This is not a competitive, timed race. Rather, it operates with the motto: "whoever enjoys this extraordinary set-up on "Mama-Chari" is the best!".
Mr. Kazuharu Ishizawa, who has participated in the race for 17 straight years, is the leader of "Team Tokio." He says, "I have put so much thought into the seat height, and techniques to reduce time-loss at exchanges. But for me, being able to continuously participate in the race, without injury, is the most important thing."

Mr. Ishizawa showed me his "Mama-Chari," his pride and joy. The seat is high, and the handles almost look like an aerobar typically used in road bike races. The pedals are fitted with bindings to clip his shoes in.

JP01 editorial team tried the race course! In order to ride the ~3.4 km course for a long time, participants form teams of 2-10 riders. However, we had 1 person try 1 lap of the course on her own.

Contrary to how it looks, the long stretch of straightaway has a slight incline, and was quite draining. It painfully reminded the rider of her need for a daily exercise. In spite of this, she felt an indescribable satisfaction upon finishing the course.

Tokachi Speedway
Address:477 Kowa, Sarabetsu-mura
Business Hours:9:00~17:00
Fee:Adults: ¥1,000; Junior high school age and below: free
Parking Lot:Available
Website:Japan "Mama-Chari" Endurance Race(2016)

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