Trekking on Rebun, an island wrapped in diverse nature

There are seven footpaths crossing Rebun Island. If you are going trekking, we recommend the flower season of June to August. Our JP01 editorial staff went at the beginning of July. The precipitous cliffs were covered in greenery and tiny flowers, strangely removing any sense of fear. The scenery changes when you go uphill, and when you go back down it looks different again.

There are several trekking courses. From the Momoiwa Observation Deck you can see "Momoiwa", which looks like a cat looking up at you, so be on the look out.

Along the path you can see the pure blue Cape Sukai as introduced in the guidebook. There are stalls nearby, making it good for a small break.

You can see edelweiss and other beautiful flowers here and there around the island. Bathe in the radiant light of the sun, surrounded by greenery and flowers swaying in the salty sea breeze as you gaze at the place where the cobalt blue sea and the azure sky melt into each other, and the 5-6 km trek will pass in mere moments.

If you stay on Rebun Island, you can observe splendid sunsets and the starry night sky from Cape Sukoton.

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