Rice paddy art, giant artworks made from rice fields

Giant pictures appear in rice fields on the border between Takasu Town and Asahikawa City. This is 'rice paddy art'. With the idea of, "encouraging consumers from various perspectives to care about and take an interest in argiculture," the practice is sponsored by the JA Taisetsu Rice Paddy Art Executive Committee. Mid-July to mid-August is the best time to see these artworks, as they emerge from the beautiful rural landscape.

The rice paddy art is created by utilizing the different colored leaves of Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, and the purple and yellow Kodai-mai (ancient rice).

Over 4,000 points need to be mapped out, and almost all the seedlings are planted by hand.

During the viewing period an observation deck is set up, and around 10,000 people come to visit. The designs change each year, so even if you come more than once, there's always a fresh sensation to enjoy.

Rice paddy art
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