Revitalizing the city with its secluded stations in Horonobe.

"Hikyo-eki" is a made-up word used among railway fans. It refers to rural stations that are considered attractive for being "inconvenient," for being secluded or difficult to get to by rail, but the word does not pose a definitive standard. The picture shows a "Hikyo-eki," "Nukanan Station" in Horonobe.

Horonobe city has a variety of revitalization activities featuring these Hikyo-eki. One of them is "Hikyo-eki Walking Rally," designed to promote the use of the railway by railway fans and local residents. You can think of it like a game; and the rule is simply to use the rail at some point during the walk.

Buy a ticket at a desired station, board the train, and get off where you want. Enter your information on the "Walking Rally Notebook" at the station you get off. Each station has a handmade rubber stamp by the city employees, so you can collect them on your "Walking Rally Notebook" as you go.

You can enjoy a picnic or looking at the station building at the Hikyo-eki you get off.

After that, you just walk to the station you came from. Alternatively, you can enjoy a walk first, then use the train on your return trip, or you can hop on a train in the middle of your trip. Accumulate points based on the distance you walk, and exchange them with Hikyo-eki goods.

Hikyo-eki Walking Rally
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