It's how we do it in Ikeda! Mixing wine with ice and drinking from a beer mug

There's a special aspect to 'Tokachi Wine' in Ikeda; it's a wine-making business that's run by the town itself. With the winery here, residents can comfortably enjoy wine drinking, but it also produces 'Townsfolk's Rosé', with the idea of developing a regional specialty that the locals can take pride in. This can only be purchased in liquor stores within Ikeda, and is a little cheaper than those rosé variety packages available to buy outside the town.

An original drinking culture of enjoying 'Townsfolk's Rosé' mixed with ice, and also from a beer mug, took hold in Ikeda.

'Townsfolk's Rosé' is a refreshing dry wine that goes with any kind of dish, and this drinking style took the name 'Rosé Rock'. The origins of Rosé Rock actually began in Tokyo. Tokachi Wine opened a shop in the Isetan Shinjuku department store to introduce some of its products, and wine was offered in small-sized beer mugs. This practice was brought back to Ikeda and altered to include mixing the wine with ice.

In a local Yakitori restaurant called 'Sumi-yaki Torisei', a drink known as 'Dynamite' exists. Here the way Rosé Rock is taken has been altered further. A clear liquor (Korui Shochu) is generously poured over the drink. Cheers!

The fact that new drinking cultures continue to emerge which local people considor as their own, is maybe evidence that Tokachi Wine is now more than just a regional speciality, but has become a local wine completely ingrained in the area.

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