Cape Enrumu, a spot with a scenic view in Mount Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark

Mount Apoi Geopark (or Mount Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark), located near Samani Village, is a vast park with rough and beautiful views, precious geological features, and abundant flora and fauna. The JP01 Editorial Team's goal was Cape Enrumu, which extends from Samani's fishing harbor.

While Enrumu means "sharp head" in Ainu and is called a cape, it's actually a land-tied island. It's also where samaniyomogi, a plant that has gone extinct in Samani, was first discovered. In the past, it was home to an Ainu chashi (fortress) and served as a watchtower. It's very tall.

We finally make it to the peak – it's 60 meters up. From a bird's-eye view, Samani's fishing harbor looks as if it were a resort in the Mediterranean.

The horizon and coast of Hidaka compete in carefreeness. As the sun sets into the ocean, it dyes Mount Apoi a deep shade of crimson. Without realizing it our breath is taken away, and we finally remember to breathe again.

On the peak, there are no ruins from or traces of the chashi left. However on the sheer precipice, you can feel the unforgiving nature and history.

Cape Enrumu
Address:Samani Village, Kaisho Village
Business Hours:-
Parking Lot:There are parking spaces for passenger vehicles partway up the cape. 
(Organization for the Promotion of Mount Apoi Geopark in Samani) 
Website:Mount Apoi Geopark

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