This supermarket in Wakkanai can definitely sell oden soup, even in the summer!

Wakkanai's Wholesale Supermarket YOURS Tomioka Store is familiar to residents and often has long lines at the registers on sale days, thanks to its rich selection and inexpensive prices.

The handmade prepared foods factory Hagyoku, which handles YOURS' deli department, also produces meals for ANA crews on jets landing and taking off from Wakkanai Airport. Indeed, that's why those meals are replete with deli items!

We went to the oden corner, and shopkeeper Kadomakoto told us right away, "We sell it all year round! After all, there are cold days even in the summer in Wakkanai!" As you might expect from Japan's northernmost wholesale supermarket! Regardless of the season, they sell at least one whole pot worth of oden every day. There's a strong demand for oden soup even in the middle of summer.

Wholesale Supermarket YOURS Tomioka Store
Address:2-chome 1-21 Tomioka, Wakkanai City
Business Hours:9:00~21:00
Holidays:Open Year Round
Parking Lot:-

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