The taste of Hokkaido in a bottle! An array of "Tokachi Cider"

In towns throughout the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, special local ingredients are to produce a wide variety of unique "local ciders".
★From the seaside town of Hiroo, "Hiroo Salt Cider"
★From Shintoku town's "miracle plums", "Shintoku Plum Cider"
★Using wine grapes from the wine region of Ikeda town, "Ikeda Grape Cider"
★Using the famous sumomoplums from Sarabetsu town, "Sarabetsu Sumomo Cider"
★Using Shimizu town's water and asparagus, "Shimizu Asparagus Cider"
★Focussing on the color and aroma of Honbetsu town's black soy beans, "Honbetsu Black Soy Bean Cider"
Note: In addition to the ciders mentioned above, "Ashoro Onneto Blue" and many other new ciders are under development.

This is a meeting of the Tokachi area's cider developers. Their leader, Hideyasu Hayashi (center, also known as "Uncle Cider"), is focussed on releasing many local ciders to promote the delicious flavors of the Tokachi area.

In order to truly appreciate the flavor of Tokachi cider, our editing team held a cider challenge. Out of six unique local ciders, which will stand out in a blind taste test?

Pictured: Hiroo Salt Cider. This interesting, sweet and salty drink is popular among surfers visiting the area, who describe it as "sweeter than sea water".

According to both of our editors, it was a three-way tie! We hope everyone will try and compare all of Hokkaido's distinctive ciders.

Tokachi Area Cider Research Society (Hokkaido Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs, Tokachi Division)
Address:Available at roadside stations and stores throughout the Tokachi area
Business Hours:-
Fee:"Tokachi Cider" 240 mL ¥250 each (tax included)
Parking Lot:-

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