High grade "Yagishiri Suffolk" lamb raised in the remote northern islands

"Pré Salé Yagishiri" brand name lamb is raised in Haboro Town on Yagishiri Island in northern Hokkaido. On this remote island free of outside stresses, the sea breeze brings grass rich in salts creating "Yagishiri Suffolk" lamb with a mild aroma and sweet taste. This rare meat it sought out by top restaurants in Ginza and chefs througout Japan.

Fishermen on Yagishiri island began raising sheep as a side business more than 60 years ago. Today, there are appoximately 700 Suffolk sheep being raised there. Every year, about 200 sheep are shipped out. The meat is not only sold in Hokkaido; the majority is shipped to customers outside Hokkaido or sold at local events.

This is Kimihiko Oi, head of Housyu Farm Co. Including him, the farm has a total staff of only two people. He is continuing Hokkaido's unique tradition of raising "remote island sheep" as a food source.

The "Yagishiri Sheep Festival", held at the beginning of August every year, is one of the few opportunities to taste Yagisihiri Suffolk lamb. You can also order it online at Housyu Farm Co.'s website.

Hoboro town also makes use of its lambswool. At "Ireland Suffolk" located inside Café Garo in Haboro Town (3 Chome Minami 4 Jo, Haboro-cho), you can buy products made from lambswool produced in Haboro, as well as try making yarn with a spinning wheel, make your own "Mokotan" doll (see picture), and more.

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