For pasta! For bread! Hokkaido's new local specialty wheat, "Rururosso"

"Rururosso" is an ultra-hard wheat produced in Obira, a town located in the Rumoi district in northern Hokkaido. In summer, beautiful sea of golden wheat field line the coast. Pasta, of the same name, is manufactured by Futaba Seimen in Rumoi, and it is becoming more popular within Hokkaido for its substantial texture. You can enjoy dishes featuring Rururosso pasta at various local restaurants in Rumoi.

"A-coop Rumoi Lupinus," a local supermarket in Rumoi, is great for finding souvenirs from your trip due to its wide selection of limited local products. "Azuma beef pasta sauce," created to go with Tagliolini made with Rururosso, is highly recommended. It is an extravagant meat sauce featuring generous amount of "Azuma beef," a breed of black Wagyu from Rumoi. There are people who buy this in bulk.

"Komugi Bishu Rururosso" is a sweet wheat Doburoku sake with mild flavors with a hint of wheat that is best served chilled. This is a local Sake from Rumoi that is only sold at Lupinus.

In Obira, a town adjacent to Rumoi, "Obira beef burger" appears only on weekends at a Michi no Eki. It has distinctively thick buns made 100% of Rururosso. Obira beef burger matches well with the locally produced tomato sauce, and people who eat it on the spot are surprised by how delicious the buns are. * Available on certain days at "Michi no Eki, Obira Nishinbanya"(TEL.0164-56-1828).

A-coop Rumoi LUPINUS
Address:3 - chome Takasago cho, Rumoi Hokkaido 4-6
Business Hours:9:00~20:00
Holidays:Open year round
Fee:"Azuma beef pasta sauce" ¥598 (with tax);
"Komugi Bishu Ruru Rosso" 500ml ¥1,65 (with tax); "Obira beef burger"¥450 (with tax)
Parking Lot:20 vehicles
Website:A-coop Rumoi LUPINUS Facebook

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