A supermarket has created Ton-jisukan, Rumoi's Soul Food

This is Chuo's Rumoi main store, the supermarket familiar to everyone within the area of Rumoi.

Here, they've created Rumoi's soul food, ton-jisukan! It started when, after hearing from customers who didn't eat mutton, they tried marinating pork shoulder roast in Jingisukan sauce.

When they first began to sell it, they were able to sell 100kg in a single day by offering samples. Chuo made sure to use exactly the same sauce as they had on their regular Jingisukan, without changing it for pork. When we in the JP01 editor's section tried it out, there were some of us who thought it was even tastier than the mutton dish!

After succeeding with ton-jisukan, Chuo made a chikin-jisukan with chicken. It's popular with women. The chicken is thoroughly marinated, so it's delicious even when deep fried.

Chuo Supermarket Main Store
Address:3-chome 1-33 Nishiki-machi, Rumoi City
Business Hours:8:30~22:00
Holidays:Closed only on New Year's Day
Parking Lot:40 spaces
Website:Chuo Supermarket Internet Market

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