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  • In principle, all text, images, and other files published on the Best Friends Hokkaido Project Site (Best Friends Hokkaido "BFH", hereafter referred to as "this site") as well as related contents are protected under copyright law, with the rights reverting to Best Friends Hokkaido Project (hereafter referred to as "this project"), with copyright to some images retained by the original copyright holders.
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  • Anyone may link freely to this site's top page (including the top page in other languages). It is not necessary to apply for permission or to inform us after creating a link. However, when setting up a link, please state clearly that it links to this site. Please do not set up links in such a way that this site is displayed within a frame (please set it up so that the link either completely replaces the content in the current browser or a new browser window is opened.)
  • Should the web site with the link contain material deemed to contravene the law or public order and morals, or that damages a third party or this project or brings its trustworthiness into disrepute, we may request that the link be deleted.
  • The content or address of this site may be changed or deleted without notice.
  • Links to other sites are occasionally provided on this site. However, this does not imply that this project guarantees or recommends their content. We will not accept any responsibility for their content or for any damage incurred as a result of their use.
  • Links to other sites from this site are provided to take advantage of our homepage's information transmission capabilities, for the convenience of users.
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  • We take precautions regarding the various kinds of information that it posts on this website, but it cannot completely assure the completeness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, usefulness, safety or quality of the content. In addition, Hokkaido Tourism Organization does not take responsibility for any incidents resulting from the behavior taken by the user of this information.
  • All of the information posted to this site is in the end information about the time it was posted, and there might be times when names and contents of that information are changed without previous notification, or when the information becomes outdated.
  • The address of this site, including that of the top site, can be changed without previous notification. Please know beforehand that we do not take responsibility for inoperative links or inaccurate screen presentation due to an address change by this site.

Privacy Policy

  • When using this website, you do not have to provide your personal information such as address or name to us.

Management system

  • Executive Committee: With 3 companies currently participating, this project is managed through an executive committee.
  • Plenary Administrative Meeting: The administrative committee meets approximately once a month to make decisions related to the contents of the web magazine.