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Shopping and exposure to history of Hokkaido development at "Michi no Eki Date Rekishi no Mori"

The adjacent Date city is a famous producer of vegetables. There is a memorial hall with a record of the settlement of princess of "Date clan" which developed Hokkaido.
"Michi no Eki Date Rekishi no Mori" is located within "Sogo Koen Date Rekishi no Mori" and the shop selling Date vegetables, directly from the farms, is so popular that items sell out before noon.
Additionally, cheeses and milk pudding by "Bocca" are popular souvenirs. At Reimeikan, you can take a tour of sword-making workshop, and try Aizome (fabric dying).

Noboribetsu Onsen (about 49km, about 1 hour)
Morning departure

Michi no Eki Date Rekishi no Mori (about 49km、about 1 hour)
・Date-shi Kaitaku Kinenkan
・Michi no Eki Date Rekishi no Mori
・Sword-making workshop tour, Aizome lesson
●Duration: about 5 hours
Afternoon departure

Noboribetsu Onsen

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