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"Bolta Kun" production tour and power-gourmet in Muroran, a city of steel!

Muroran has been known as the "city of steel" for its prominent steel industry.
"Bolta kun" is made of bolts, and with over 100 pose variations, it is a popular souvenir item.
Also try "Muroran Yakitori" "Curry Ramen" and other beloved, local power-gourmet dishes. Do enjoy a much talked-about nightscape of the factories!!

Noboribetsu station (about 26 minutes)
Morning departure
*About 15 minutes by bus from Noboribetsu Onsen to the station (Donan Bus)
*By local train

Wanishi station (about 9 minutes)
Bolta workshop
・watch the production process through a window
●Duration: about 1 hour
Departure around noon

Muroran station - Higashi-Muroran station ・There are many restaurants around the Chuo-cho area (Muroran station) and Nakajima-cho (Higashi-Muroran station). Curry Ramen and Western-style cuisines
・Cape Chikyu, exploring great scenic spots such as Kin-byobu and Gin-byobu (by taxi or car)
・In the evening, see illuminated Sokuryozan and factories around Hakucho Bridge
・Move to the adjacent Higashi-Muroran station for "Muroran Yakitori" dinner. Many restaurants open at 5:00pm.
●Duration: about 5-6 hours

Higashi-Muroran station (about 20 minutes)Evening departure

Noboribetsu station *About 15 minutes to Noboribetsu Onsen on the last bus (Donan Bus)

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