Pipe Organ concert with jewelry sparkling night view

The Magic Hour

Lover's Sanctuary

Pipe Organ concert with jewelry sparkling night view


Rose Garden Christ Church

What is Rose garden christ church?

A rose garden which had hundreds kinds were there at Fushimi, at foot of Mt. Moiwa decades ago. The garden, the citizen loved were closed but they have sweet memories.. Rose Garden Christ Church was dedeicated after the rose garden. This is a traditional protestant church and welcome people who prays here continuously. Pastor and his wife welcome those newly married couples anytime with warm smile. The church wish to look after them long term.

Tour Concept


『 Magical time in love〜 The Love Magic Hour 〜』

Do you know "Magical Hour"?
Just a few hours after the sunset that everything in the world seems to look the most beautiful, the journey starts. The stage is church of Chalka "Rose Garden Christ Church" standing on the hills of Fushimi, bottom of Mt. Moiwa.

Spend another Magic Hour, your magical time just like you would fall in love with…
In this special place with a high voice as a lover sacred place,
In the night view of Sapporo that shines like jewels glittering,
To the tone that impressed the heart,
In a romantic space like a movie scene
And to your loved one who visited with you.


Japan's New Three Major Night View

Enjoy the magnificent panoramic night view from Mt. Moiwa.

In the field, you can enjoy a large panoramic night view from Mt. Moiwa, Sapporo, selected as "New Night Scenery Night Scene" at "Nightscape Summit 2015". Unlike the summit night view overlooking from above, the skyline of Sapporo which spreads to 180 degrees at the height of its line of sight attracts your heart with the sense of reality that it would reach if you extend your hand. Take a romantic and luxurious evening in everyday life, as if you were feeling as if you had your display in front of you.


Cathedral Organ Concert

Listen to the sound of happiness in the cathedral

Classic cross bolt ceiling, stone pillars supporting them, stained glass with height 6 m, wedding road of 15 m ... In the sacred cathedral that has delivered the oath of eternal love of many couples, you can enjoy the rich sound of the pipe organ.

Round-trip private coach, “Rose Shuttle”

Transfer comfortably with private coach

The transportation between the city and the Rose Garden Christ Church will be used “Rose Shuttle”.
Choose your favorite departure point from several hotels in the city.
※ Depending on the number of people you apply, the operating vehicle may change.

Various services such as colorful exquisite mini sweets and soft drinks are also available.



Tour Detail

Coach Pick Up Hotel / Departure time(Arrive by)

New Otani Inn Sapporo
Departure 7:15 PM
(Arrive by 7:10PM)
Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo
Departure 7:30 PM
(Arrive by 7:25PM)
Sapporo View Hotel Odori Park
Departure 7:40PM
(Arrive by 7:35PM)
■Meeting place and so on
  1. Please arrive at your departure hotel front desk 5 min, prior to your departure time.
  2. Please get on the coach by yourself. No one will meet you there. Please show the mail that you will receive when you made reservation to your coach driver.
  3. The coach will depart on time even you have reservation. If you are late, please come to the church by yourself and all expences will be borne to your own.
  4. Please choose one of the hotel that you wish to board at.

①New Otani Inn Sapporo     7:15  PM
②Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo 7:30 PM
③Sapporo View Hotel Odori Park    7:40 PM

※Please choose one of the drop off point:

ⅰ.Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo
ⅱ.Odori Park (near in front of NHK)

Rose Shuttle (image)

Itinerary(Travel hours:Approximately 2hours〜2.5 hours)

  1. New Otani Inn Sapporo(7:15 PM)
  2. Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo(7:30 PM)
  3. Sapporo View Hotel Odori Park (7:40 PM)
  4. Rose Garden Christ Church(Approximately 60min)
  5. Hotel Sunroute New SAPPORO(9:30 PM)
  6. Odori Park (in front of NHK bldg)
  1. It may change depending on the traffic situation of the day, the number of customers and so on.
  2. Departure time / return time may be delayed somewhat.
  3. It is a scheduled course as of August 2017. It may be changed.
Tour Fee  2,980JPY / person (adult/child)
Tour Fee includes ①Coach(round trip)
②Facility usage fee
Maximun numbers of participants

40 people / day

※Minimum required numbers of participants 10 people / day

Tour Guide

Not accompanied

※Local staff will guide you

Condition of Participation Under 19 yrs. of old will be needed to be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
Application deadline 7 days prior to your departure
  1. On First come, first serve basis.
  2. Will be closed once the seats get full even it is before application deadline.
  3. Please ask for availability and details following :
JTBHokkaido Sapporo Corporate Sales Division Section 6